"Pursuit of God, While Touching Nations"

Foundations of the Pursuit Internship

Centrality of the Word of God
The Scriptures are taught from a scholarly perspective with an emphasis on practical application to ministry and personal holiness.

The Focus in Ministry
We are committed to preparing the Church for the return of the Lord Jesus.

Family of Believers
We are a like-minded, vibrant fellowship nurturing one another in the truths of the gospel.

Ministry in the Power of the Spirit
Our team is committed to the ministry of the Holy Spirit through all the gifts of the Spirit.
Evangelism and Missions
Effective ministry training empowers us to evangelize to the lost and fulfill the Great Commission.

Passion for Jesus
Enjoying intimacy with God is the foundation of all character formation and ministry.

Prayer & Worship
As a community at the Global Prayer House, we are cultivating intimacy with God through adoring worship. We are also contending for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to revive the Church into God's highest expression of life in His Son, while labouring in prayer to usher in the great harvest.
The Challenge
The Pursuit Internship is a full-time Discipleship Training School that exists to equip this generation in the knowledge of God and the power of the Spirit for the bold proclamation of the Lord Jesus and His return. Students embrace in-depth biblical training and Sermon on the Mount lifestyles in the context of a thriving missions base fueled by prayer. As a result, biblical training obtained in the classroom is connected to intimacy with Jesus and practical service and outreach, including missions and evangelism.

The Mandate
The Pursuit Internships mandate is to equip and send out believers who love Jesus and others wholeheartedly to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant churches, start houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus. The Internship stands in an environment of prayer with worship. We are establishing a community built around the centrality of the Scripture, prayer, and worship, in a context where the Word of God is continuously expressed through singing, praying, and expressions of ministry to one another.