"Pursuit of God, While Touching Nations"

"I have been transformed more each day with the revelation of how deep, how high, how vast the Father's love is for me. The arrows of His grace and mercy have shattered into the core of my heart. Now, my heart is beating to the rhythm of the Lion of the tribe of Judah, and things will never be the same."

Wynter P. (USA)

"I went into the Pursuit internship a scared, sad little girl wanting to shine for God. Over 5 amazing months God transformed my life and my heart to create me into the bold, joyful woman of God he made me to be. The pursuit internship brought me back to my first love! I will never be the same, and that's a very good thing."

Jill J. (Canada)

"I took the Internship, and it was the best thing I've done! My life is changed my family is changed and my relationship with The Lord is like it's never been before.”

Joakim J. (Sweden)

“Before I got to Pursuit I couldn’t fully grasp God’s love. I couldn’t understand how everyday through reading the Bible- through praying that God would fill me up inside the way my old sinful nature would fill me up. So no I see through reading the Bible every day, as I pray God will answer my prayers. And I feel the Pursuit Internship was just the building block, the footstool for this!”

William W. (Scotland)

“If you’re looking for a YWAM base and can't decide, do Medicine Hat! The presence of The Lord is all over the base! The staff have maxing hearts and only want to see you grow and fall more In love with God. It was a life changing decision for me to go. I was broke out of comfort zones and pushed to my full potential. Seeing lives changed is amazing, but seeing your own life and heart changed, there isn't anything better! I am so glad I came to the winter wonder land of Canada! God is resting there and on the staff! There is so much respect and honour for God and His presence! Make the decision to go and it will change your life!”

Isaac R. (USA)

“Before I took the internship, I was a total mess - physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. I had just moved from the Philippines and it was a season in my life where I was just completely lost. At that time, I had lost hope in everything that I used to believe in, and dragged my life away every single day. I had felt the Lord calling me back time and time again and that was when I decided to take the  school. I knew that he was the only one who could save me from my own mess. When I came to the school, I had one goal in mind - to be completely change- no matter what it takes. I gave those 5 months to learn what love was, to learn about the power of His grace and to learn to live a lifestyle of total dependency on him. It was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. If I were to shorten it in 2 words about it, those 2 words would be "Redemption and Direction." I am the woman I am today because of God's redeeming love - the kind of love that forgives, renews, restores strength and hope. And in those 5 months, He directed me and restored the vision for my life. He reminded me of all of my dreams and promised that he will guide my every step. The Pursuit Internship was a season of consecration that I needed. Today, I still long to pursue him, his dreams for my life and share the everlasting hope and love that He has given to me.”

Ingrid T. (Philippines)

“I went to Canada to learn English and to know more of God's heart for me. Once I started learning English I got so disappointed with the Christian's lifestyle of the place I was at that I thought to myself, "Ok, I came here only to learn a new language and not to find more of God for me so that's it..." Five months later, God showed me I was wrong, In fact He was showing me all the time but I was only able to see it when He sent me to Medicine Hat, to a place called the Pursuit Internship. In our first meeting I felt the tangible presence of God so strong that for the very first time I heard His voice talking straight into my heart. So I knew it was the beginning of a great pursuit of God's heart in a foreign country. My experience in that DTS was unique. It changed my life forever. I came to know Jesus in ways I've never imagined I could. It certainly became a mark in my life, where I learned that the Father's heart of God is real and it's for me. I'm forever grateful.”

Paola G. (Brazil)

This school changed me completely. I was transformed from the inside out and you get to know God in a whole new way. The opportunity to take this time and grow and get to know God more is one of the best things I've done in my life. God is so much more bigger and so much more alive than I thought in the beginning when I got saved. My whole perspective on life is forever changed and you're get to learn so much good stuff. Do not hesitate, sign up now!

Madeleine P. (Sweden)