"Pursuit of God, While Touching Nations"

Fundraising is simple, easy, and it can even be fun. The problem and frustration that a lot of people have is being caught up in repeating processes that don’t prove to have results. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to do something over and over again knowing that it will never work? What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Maybe you’re a king/queen at fundraising, maybe you have a little experience, or perhaps you’ve never done any sort of fundraising, but regardless of what you may or may not know, I would encourage you to throw everything aside, assume you know nothing, read this material, and apply it. This isn’t just a list of “good” ideas, it’s a list of good ideas that have been tested and tried and are statistically found to
work! But in order for these principles to function successfully, they need to be followed exactly with only minor adjustments depending on the individual.

Here are just a couple tools to help you in raising the funds needed to be a part of the Pursuit Internship 2015.
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