"Pursuit of God, While Touching Nations"


How much does it cost?
Lecture Phase:
The Lecture Phase, which takes place in Medicine Hat, has a base cost of $3,595.00, which includes tuition, meals, and school supplies. For $800.00 more, we provide housing (room & board) for a total cost of $4395.00. After acceptance, a non-refundable deposit of $1000.00 per student is required 30 days before arrival day, with the remaining balance due on the first day of the DTS. All accepted applications paid in full, 30 days prior to the start of the DTS, will receive an additional $200.00 early bird discount. The non-refundable Application Fee is $50.00 per person and $75.00 per couple. All schools costs and fees are in Canadian currency. For children of students, please inquire.

Outreach Phase:
The Outreach Phase is estimated to be between $4000.00 to $4500.00 Canadian. This includes airfare, ground transportation, room, board, food and airport departure tax. Expenses such as personal care items, laundry and extra leisure activities are additional personal costs. Information on location and costs will be given during the lecture phase after details have been finalized.

What is the policy on Exclusive Relationships?

For the duration of the Pursuit Internship, we ask single interns to refrain from any and all forms of “exclusive relationships”, this also includes same gender relationships and attraction, which are not condoned by our ministry. This is to be a time set aside unto the Lord and not to another person. We strongly advocate that you keep these five months set apart unto the Lord and Him alone. The only exceptions would be married couples or formally engaged couples.

If any single intern has a visitor of the opposite gender visiting from out of town, we ask that the visitor not stay with you. They would need to find somewhere else to stay while visiting.

These five months is to be a time of consecration unto the Lord, but we encourage fellowship with all interns, staff, and guests.

Am I allowed to be alone with the opposite gender?
No, we do this to help uphold the level of focus that our students have committed to for this 5-month period. 

What is the policy on smoking and drug use?
There is no smoking or drug use allowed during your time at the Pursuit Internship.

Do I have to be a part of scheduled work duties?
Yes, it is part of the school

Do I have to be a part of the outreach?
The Pursuit Internship is a 5-month course that requires full participation in both phases in order to complete the DTS.

Are book reports mandatory?
Yes, all book reports are required and a part of the school.

Do I have to be a part of the small group times?
Yes, it is part of the course requirements.

Is there a dress code?
Click here to see our Dress Code Standards

Can I bring pets?
No. There are no pets allowed on the premises or in housing.

Are scheduled meal times mandatory?
Yes, all meal times are mandatory. If you have any special medical dietary needs, please let the Internship staff know in advance.

Can I bring my own food?
No, unless you have health issues or dietary specifics.

Will there be childcare?

All families with children are encouraged to connect with our partnering childcare facility, Building Blocks Child Care Centre, for an additional fee. Children 6 and under may attend Building Blocks, but for children 6 and above, it is at the parents discretion what they would like to choose as their method of child care; some options would be enrolling them in a local school, sending them to a child care facility of your choice, and if discussed and approved with the School Leader, some children (depending on age and needs) will be welcome to join portions of the Internship.

Inquire for more information.

Can I attend the Internship on a part time basis?
The Internship is a 5-month, full time DTS that requires your full commitment.

Can I a part time job while I am in the Internship?
The Internship is a 5-month, full time DTS that requires your full commitment.

Can I bring a visitor?
Yes, for a maximum of 3 days with prior approval. Guests will be responsible for all expenses and transportation. 

Does the Internship provide housing?
Yes, for an additional $800.00, we provide housing with host homes in our community for a total Lecture Phase cost of $4,395.00.

Are meals provided on the weekends?
We give our interns the option of taking leftovers home for the weekend. Outside of this option, interns are responsible for their own meals.

How do I fill out an application? & Who do I send it to?
Click to download the application

All applications can be filled out, scanned and emailed to:

Applications can be faxed to:

Applications can be mailed to:
1156 27 ST SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1B 1W2

Can I make my cheques payable to Global Prayer House or Pursuit Internship for a tax receipt?

As interns prepare for the Pursuit Internship, many will need to fundraise in big and/or small ways. One of the biggest questions that is asked is about tax receipts. For all of our interns who are fundraising and talking to potential donors, this is an important question to know the answer to.

If an intern has a donor who wants a tax receipt, that intern will have to set up an account with a separate church and/or non-profit organization. Global Prayer House cannot issue a tax receipt for any funds that are designated for a specific individual. Global Prayer House can only process funds and issue tax receipts that are donated without any verbal or written communication in regard to the designation of the funds.

We recommend that any interns who are looking to raise funds talk with their local church about the possibility of setting up an account for this purpose. If your church is not able, the second option is to contact YWAM Vancouver and they will give you further instructions. Their contact information is as follows:


Email: admin@projectfunding.ca

Phone: 604-436-4433

YWAM Vancouver
Project Funding Office
P.O. Box 57100 RPO East Hastings
Vancouver, BC, V5K 5G6

How do I apply to become Pursuit Internship Staff?
All applicants must have completed our Pursuit Internship YWAM DTS. If you have completed our credited YWAM DTS you have received a UNIVERSITY OF NATIONS DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION. This certificate qualifies you to be eligible to be a staff leader of the Pursuit Internship.

Along with the
YWAM DTS Certificate, Global Prayer House has a separate application for potential staff that must be completed and reviewed before one is accepted to staff at our schools. You will find the application on the Internship website under the "Application" tab. The staff application must be completed and either faxed, emailed, or mailed.

All staff applications can be filled out, scanned and emailed to:

Applications can be faxed to:

Applications can be mailed to:
Attn: Pursuit Internship
1156 27 ST SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1B 1W2